The Mother And The Method – Charlotte Mason Periscope Show!


(Drum roll please) Introducing…my first installment in what I’m hoping to be (family life pending, you know how it is), a regular Periscope show focussing on the Charlotte Mason method of educating. The show is scheduled for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 1.30pm (GMT), thanks to those who tuned in for the intro show – I really have no idea what I’m doing (smile) but thought it was time to share my story!

I won’t always post it here but you can keep up to date with replays on, if you’re new to periscope this is a great explanation of what it is! Remember it is live broadcasting so I’m interacting with comments on the screen (which I’ve taken off the example below due to trolls popping on!!) so it will seem a bit weird at first!

Let me know in the comments if you’re on Periscope or come over and find me here!

Oh – and you don’t get to choose the thumbnail/intro freeze frame so please excuse the crazy faces (and yes it is fuzzy for a few seconds but it does clear)!!

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