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Last night, as I was driving to collect my daughter from youth my mind wandered onto the well-thumbed book sat on my coffee table that I’d almost finished. I recalled the events that I’d been immersed in over the past week and how when I googled the author and discovered she had died a few years ago that I genuinely felt sad; we were kind of friends! There’s something so amazingly connected about reading; and a good writer can draw you in from a significant sentence or a profound paragraph; we not only learn but we are moved.

Using Charlotte Mason’s wisdom as we home educate our children requires us to bring before them offerings of vibrant, beautiful living books that take our children on a journey, a ‘science of relations’ that triggers a life long relationship with the past, present and future. These books bring to life ideas and creativity that cause collaboration with their own imaginations. What a gift!

And it starts early; I have a great love for quality picture books and have a growing collection on my shelves for my future grandchildren (smile) when my own little learners have moved from Doyle to Dickens (as some already have).

So I thought I’d share four of my favourite living picture books with you; I read these to Micah and Sienna who are 6 and 4 years old.

‘The Eagle and the Wren’ by Jane Goodall, illustrated by Alexander Reichstein

IMG_20150227_092836This brilliantly written and illustrated book is a retelling of an old fable and childhood favourite of Jane Goodall’s; not only does it have a beautiful moral for life entwined in the tale but the story gives us a little living glimpse into the life of the Skylark, the Dove, the Vulture, the Eagle and the Ostrich – a wonderful accompaniment to any bird study.

20150227_093315We’ve used Tennyson’s ‘The Eagle’ poem alongside this fable and as I type Micah is crafting his very own Eagle out of an old bottle and various bits of paper and material. A beautiful book that I’m sure we’ll come back to time and time again.


‘The Cow’ and ‘The Horse’ by Malachy Doyle, illustrated by Angelo Rinaldi

These two picture books are a feast for the eyes and the ears. Angelo Rinaldi’s incredible illustrations pull you into the picture and take you on a journey with these two gracious animals. They are a perfect example of a living picture book which no Charlotte Mason home school room should be without!


‘The Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook’ by Shirley Hughes

I’m a big Shirley Hughes fan and this compilation is no exception; she’s brought together a beautiful blend of shorts stories, poems and delightful illustrations which bring the outside to life in your living room. I love this early introduction to great writing and poetry (but not necessarily rhyming poetry) with some fun and familiar family humour. But be warned, Hughes is a bit of shocker (smile), in the story ‘Bonting’ there’s a naked bottom (which my youngest two like to flick to with giggling enthusiasm); don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I particularly like the poem ‘Moon’; a great accompaniment to this is Christina Rossetti’s ‘Is The Moon Tired?’ – and of course standing outside wrapped in blankets looking up at the magnificent mystery in the sky fits well after a happy reading!

So there’s a small collection of our favourites at the moment – what stories are bringing your learning to life this week?

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