My Whole30 Journey…So Far


“The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.”
― Melissa Hartwig, It Starts with Food

So here I am on day 27 of the Whole30 – if you’ve followed any of my food journey you’ll understand why this felt like the ‘next thing’ to fully sift out what my body needs to be well, strong and thriving, not momentarily, but for life!

I don’t particularly have ‘health issues’ (non apparent on the outside anyway) but I’m still overweight, I often lack energy, feel sluggish and believe it or not (just turned 40 – wink) I sometimes get a bit of joint pain. I have to admit that a large part of my food journey is to find my personal maintainable natural body weight, but if that was just it I’d go back to calorie counting (been there, done that) or join a slimming club! No, I want optimum physical and mental health, vibrant energy and a long life.


Breakfast: freshly made green juice, eggs with kale and mushrooms fried in coconut oil, yummy!

Just over 18 months ago I quit sugar (fructose) which was a jump-start in this adventure and made some clear differences to my health, but I knew there was more. Although sugar occasionally has made its way back into my eating rhythm now and again (special occasions) I’ve managed to keep that craving at bay.

The Whole30 jumps in so much further and this is what I needed to discover; you eliminate refined sugars (not fruit), all grains, all dairy and legumes (chick peas, beans, peas etc.) and of course processed foods for 30 days and then slowly introduce them back in (the real food anyway) to see how your body responds.

I’m 27 days in and I feel like it has just started to kick in; yes my clothes are looser (you’re not ‘allowed’ to weigh or measure yourself during the programme), my collar-bone ‘popped out’ as per usual during my weight loss endeavors (!), my skin and hair are looking great but I was still struggling with that sluggish feeling in the morning and my joints were still aching – boo. My gut isn’t quite right yet, you just know right?  I honestly feel I’ve just got off the starting block with this, but I’ve definitely signed up for the right race!

 I honestly feel I’ve just got off the starting block with this, but I’ve definitely signed up for the right race!

So day 27 feels a bit like the beginning; after listening to the audio version of ‘It starts with food‘ I understood that this can be the case and people go on to do Whole60/90 which will probably be my case, or this may become my new eating rhythm, who knows, but I know it is doing me good.

starts with food

I’ll be back with an update next week on what I’m eating, how it has impacted social situations (eek!) and what my family think!!

I’d love to hear from you! Maybe you’ve done the Whole30 programme or are in middle of it too, how has it impacted your health?

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