Giveaway Time!


Indeed, the gospel story offers the epic of the ages for the poet who shall arise in the future, strong in faith, and meek enough to hold his creative gift in reverent subjection. –  Charlotte Mason (The Saviour of the world)

So, as I promised, it’s giveaway time; I’m offering a copy of Charlotte Mason’s ‘The Saviour of the world’ (volume 1), another surprise living book and a selection of Neal’s Yard tea – I will send this anywhere in the world and you can enter twice, if you’d like!


If you’d like to know more about it go on over to A Delectable Education where you can hear Emily Kiser and Art Middlekauff discussing Charlotte Mason’s poetic reflections on the Life of Christ from this work.

I’ve started using it as part of my devotional routine; taking it slowly and thoughtfully, soaking in the deep and beautiful revelation from the gospels.

How do I win?


Well, let me tell you! All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (it won’t appear straight away – I have to approve it, don’t worry!) recommending one living book and the author, that’s it – easy right?

Next Wednesday morning I will announce the winner and hopefully the books will be winging their way to YOU!

Don’t forget to pop back on Friday where we’re featuring a guest blog post from Emily Kiser herself!

 Hope it’s you…

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