“A Modern Miss Mason conversation doesn’t lock in a philosophy, it opens up a world.”

We could all do with a helping hand now again; a little encouragement, strengthening and guiding into the fullness and freedom that homeschooling offers  but that we don’t often live in. After many years of teaching my children at home I’m still feeling refreshed, passionate and envisioned about home education and would love to help you feel the same way.

Coaching aims to bring out the best in you; helping you as a mother and educator make the right choices for your family as well as set manageable goals appropriate for the season find yourself in.

The call will be geared around your personality, family, needs and passions and we’ll formulate how together we can help you find your freedom within the Charlotte Mason philosophy, in all its forms!

Leah helped me sift through all the ideas and dreams fighting for attention in my head and helped me focus on a simple and beautiful way forward, bringing me freedom and joy in what I am doing with my children. I can’t recommend a coaching call enough. You won’t regret it! Rachel

This is what to expect when you book a Modern Miss Mason Conversation:

  • Pre-conversation questionnaire via google docs

  • 1hr FaceTime/Facebook/Zoom video call (when it’s convenient for you)

  • Bullet point follow up email


One-off Coaching Call – £50 GBP

Block of 4 coaching calls – £185 GBP (includes all of the above plus access into all Modern Miss Mason Facebook courses)

Please research your local currency conversation, PayPal does the converting for you on day of purchase.

How to book

For a one-off coaching call or a block booking please pay relevant amount here: and I’ll follow up within 48 hours with the next steps (booking date and time etc.).  Please leave a message in the PayPal notes section stating: ‘COACHING CALL’

I hope I can help strengthen your Charlotte Mason homeschooling journey and give you the confidence you need to keep going!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Leah x