A Micah Moment

Charlecote House Park 144

And since creativity is still the most effective way for me to access wonder, I choose it – Elizabeth Gilbert

Micah woke up early and came out to me in the cabin whilst it was still dark; I was writing, he was waking. We smiled and greeted each other a happy good morning, he beautifully commented on how bright the stars were – I had noticed the same thing as I walked through the yard an hour earlier.

He wrapped himself in a blanket, brrr’d  a little in the chilly air “because it’s early” and asked when the sun would be rising so we could watch it together.

He then left the cabin and disappeared into the dark, dimly lit house but reappeared 2 minutes later with a pot of pencils and a drawing pad. He gathered his things, sat quietly on the two-seater sofa tucked into a quiet corner of our cabin and got to his creating.

Man, I love this kid.

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